Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ashlyn May: Sitting, Rolling, Eating Toes & Still Shrinking?

Yup, all the above are true fortunately and unfortunately. Mommy timed me sitting up all by myself for about 15 seconds or so before I lost my balance. I've also been able to roll over all of a sudden. Mom and Dad don't know what to say, just one day they stuck me on my belly and whoop, I was on my back. Dad wasn't able to catch any of my amazing feats on camera, though he did get some of the tail end of things when I was getting more tired. Also, I've grown quite fond of my monkey toes, they taste pretty good. Mom thinks it's pretty funny, while dad is just amazed at my flexibility since he can't even touch his toes!! Oh yeah, and the last thing is true as well. At my last doctor's appointment I had lost an ounce, so I weigh in a 11lbs 3oz. Doctors are a little worried about me since I should be more like 14 lbs. I also had to go to the hospital and have more tests done on me too. They took 9cc's of blood out of me to test, not to mention the fact it took 3 sticks to get that much out! I also had to have urine and dookie tests done as well. No results yet, but hopefully by next week we'll have something. Anyways, here's dad's latest creation from his silly hobby of editing videos of me. Hope you enjoy!

Here's another things that I like to do... FLY!!