Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Do I Look Like?

Me at 9 Weeks

a) b)

Recently there has been a "minor" debate about who I really look like. Many people say I am a spitting image of my daddy. A lot of other people say they can see a lot of mommy in me as well. My MaMa (Grandma Tang) says I don't really resemble her at all, she said she had a big head when she was small. These pictures were taken when (a) MaMa was 6 mos, (b)Daddy was 6 mos, and (c)Mommy was 3 mos. So I'm bringing this to the court of public opinion to decide who I resemble most. Please feel to leave your vote in the comments. One thing I did notice with the 4 of us is that we're all pretty stinkin' cute. But just remember this, who's on top with the biggest picture? Oh yeah!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We Were Born to Rock the 80's!!

Nick Austin, the Sports Director at KJCT, threw an 80's party the first Saturday of December and all I can say is we look good. Nick's rocking out the Motley Crue shirt while I got the Ramones on. It was a good time. Heather and Ashlyn couldn't come though because Ashlyn was a little sick, so Heather told me to go without her. We wanted to dress up Ashlyn up as a KISS doll, that would have been scary though. What you can't see in this picture though is our sweet tight rolled jeans. Party On!!!