Saturday, February 05, 2011

A real Chinese boy!!!

Let me take you back in time for a moment. It was June of 2002. Heather and I were at P.F. Chang's in Orem, Utah on our 2nd date ever. Heather, in years past, had tried to use chopsticks to eat but was never successful. Enter Jason Tang. I showed her the right way to use them, and that evening she had what she calls, "the most successful chopstick attempt" of her short 18 years. (YIKES! She was young!!!) Heather ate an entire meal for the first time with chopsticks! No fork necessary! That summer, after returning home to Yucaipa, she told her family that "A real Chinese boy" taught her how to use chopsticks....

Now fast forward 8 1/2 years and check out the up-and-coming "real Chinese boy":

Watch out ladies...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Me get it out!

This morning my sweet little boy came into my room saying that his nose hurt. He sneezed a few times, so I told him to go get a tissue and I would help him blow his nose. He came back a few seconds later and our conversation went like this:

Jax - "Me get it out"
Me - "Oh, did you get your booger?"
Jax - "No. No booger. Geen ting"
Me - "huh?"

Then he showed me. It was a little green foam sticker. Yikes! I just hope he doesn't make a habit of sticking things up his nose!