Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aloha Oe

Our last few days in Paradise were full of goodbyes.

On Saturday, 10/24 we said goodbye to Jason's frotastic hair. I was so sad to see it go (NOT!! That thing was sicknasty!)

We said goodbye to our beautiful view of the PANAM building. Oh how I will not miss the city lights and noise. Although, I do miss the convenience!

On Sunday, after church we went over to the Miyahana's. Ashlyn and Jaeden were just beginning to be good buddies, too!

Jaeden and Ashlyn saying bye. See, she acts like to her friends, too!
On Monday, we met the Nitahara's at Bravo for dinner. They were our first friends in Hawaii. They took us in and treated us like family.
Ashlyn and Kiera
Jaxon Kyle with Uncle Kyle

Tuesday night we had a BBQ with the Hong's and Abelmann's. Here is the Hong Fam.

And here are the Abelmann's. Jason and Rick would go boogie boarding a couple times a 6am!
This picture is just too funny to leave out! Kai is such a stud!
The next day we hopped on a plane back to good ol' California. The last 2 years went by way too fast. We loved our time in the islands, and can't wait to go back! (But only for a vacation. That move was beastly!)