Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Rockin' Everywhere!!!!

The first week of this New Year, I met my very first Tang cousin!! His name is Andersen, and he's one chunky fellow if you ask me! Daddy calls him little Buddha because he's so chubby and happy. He tips the scales at almost double my weight!! I'm a dainty little 11.5 pounds, while at last I heard Andersen was 20+ pounds! I also met my uncle Andrew and Auntie Liew. They both thought I was such a lightweight when they held me, they said they couldn't even remember Andersen being my size. Uncle Andrew, Auntie Liew and Andersen only stayed for a couple of nights. They were going to a wedding in Salt Lake City, but took some time out of their week to drive down to Junction to visit! We had a good time, even though there's nothing to do in GJ. I guess one cool thing was to go to Daddy's work so they could watch a live newscast. Everybody likes to watch the weatherman point at a green or blue screen in the studio, whereas he looks like he's doing it over weather graphics on TV. Unfortunately all good times have to end, and the new Tang trio I met had to go. We still had a good time, and Andersen did some pretty funny things while he came to visit, like playing with my toys (or trying to), playing with each other, laughing, and he even rolled over right on my living room floor for the first time that anybody has witnessed!! You can watch it all below on the video.


*I even put on Andersen's helmet, and you can see it in the photo album link!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas 2006 - Yucaipa, CA

For this year's Christmas, mom and dad took me to see Grandpa and Grandma Horspool and the rest of my aunts/uncles and cousins in Southern California. Dad saved up all his vacation time and blew it all in one family vacation!! What a guy! No wonder he, I mean people, call him the man. Some of the highlights from my trip was to fly on an airplane for the very first time! I didn't even cry during take off or landing. Just sat there as sweet as can be, because that's how I roll!! Also, despite the fact there was no snow when we arrived, we still tried to do some Christmasy things. We went to the LDS Temple in Los Angeles where they had the whole property lit up. I loved the lights! Daddy thought it was C-R-A-Z-Y that people in California hung lights on palm trees though. Being from Canada, he's used to coniferous trees. It was still cool to see the lights though. I guess it's good that I get an early exposure to these types of things so I'm not as confused as my old man is when I grow up. We also visited Hollywood Boulevard and that was pretty fun as well. On Christmas eve Santa came to visit!! He brought all the little children presents, but didn't bring any of the mommies and daddies gifts. I guess they weren't very good this year, so hopefully they'll learn from this experience. Santa brought me a tan jacket, and if I may, I make that jacket look pretty stinkin' good. When Christmas morning came, dad couldn't get over the fact that it was 85 degrees farenheit at 9am. He didn't know what to do with himself without a white Christmas!! We all helped him pull through his dilemma. I didn't quite get as excited as the other kids about Christmas presents, I pretty much took a nap and woke up after everyone had opened them up. However, I did do something new during our trip. Grandma found out that I'm very ticklish on my thighs. I think she enjoyed tickling me as much as I enjoyed being tickled. Check it out...

Well, in a nutshell that was my 1st Christmas experience. For New Year's I did about the same stuff I did for Christmas. Slept. So did Grandpa. Next Christmas we'll see what happens though. Like always, feel free to check out all the pictures of my 1st Christmas in the Photo Albums link!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Knoebel Sweater Party 2006

Though I'm posting it a month later, the 2nd annual sweater party took place in Provo, Utah in December of 2006 and was hosted by the Nate and Mandy Knoebel. Last year 8 of us took place in the festivities, but Nate and Mandy wanted to go big, and recruited 26 people (or something like that) to participate. We began the night by meeting at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner and then went to Nate and Mandy's where we had cookies, hot chocolate, egg nog (which the Knoebel's accidentally didn't serve) and even had a white elephant gift exchange. Some of those gifts were pretty funny and creative. (Ashlyn gave Molly Thatcher a tortilla warmer and a bag of tortilla's that don't fit in the warmer!). The night also featured a worst joke contest, and you can see them below on the video. Be warned though, it's a bad joke contest. The jokes are bad. Enjoy.


*As always, please check "Our Family & Friends album" to see the pictures of the whole shindig!