Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Troublemakers

Well, you might think all we do is vacation while we live it up in the Islands, but we do normal life activities as well. Since Nancy and Dad have left I thought I'd give you a video update of the new milestones our "Troublemakers" have reached since D & N's departure.
Jaxon now eats rice cereal, and Ashlyn is a computer game freak.
Ashlyn loves her computer games so much that to end her prayer once, instead of saying
"In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen,"
She said
", Amen"
Oh dear... Are we bad parents?

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Adventure's Final Day

Friday, March 13th
Despite it being a superstitious day for some, for others like ourselves, it was a beautiful one! And there's no better beach to hit up than Lanikai beach. Does anyone see ANYthing wrong with this picture besides the fact there are no waves though?
Let's just say, a good old 'zoom in' took care of the problem. Please don't make me point it out...We also went to Pali lookout, but that's for Nancy to post, I'm getting tired of daily posts and searching through literally hundreds of pictures. But here's a nice one that Heather took. I think it's a hibiscus, but I don't know my flowers very well. A good sign of manliness if you ask me. As you saw in the previous post, Dad got some good color (aka a burn) on his face, so he did what any responsible adult would do. Make sure it didn't happen again. Too bad the same couldn't be said for his body and arms.
A dog walking on the beach all of a sudden decided to park himself right next to Ashlyn, she was delighted as you can see. Nobody really swam except for Ashlyn and I, but we did bust out the horse shoes. It's one of Dad's favorite games. Unfortunately for him, he came up short against a superior opponent.Can't beat the setting though huh?Even the girls got in on the action, after we moved the line up about 10 feet! Heather even threw a double ringer! Too bad Nancy killed her the rest of the way. No pictures of Nancy you say? Well, that's on purpose. Just wait for her post, I wouldn't want to steal "all the good pictures." Haha!After spending most of the day at Lanikai, we had to hit up Waikiki, just to say they went. It wasn't the best day there, but we did take some pics. Here's dad spotting a great pic with his photographer eye.And there's no better way to end a trip than by going to McDonald's Ashlyn loves her McChicken sandwich... but not the bread... and I love the price. $1!! Alright!
Suffice it to say we had a fabulous trip with Dad and Nancy, lots of great memories, lots of great food, lots of great pictures, and lots of great laughs. However, I'm sorry to say, I will most likely never do a daily post for every day a visitor is here. It's too much I tell you! Stay tuned for Nancy's post though! It ought to be a good one! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Hawaiian Adventures of Dad & Nancy - Day 11

Thursday, March 12

Whoops, slacked a little bit with my daily posting... Let us continue. On their 2nd to last day in the Islands, the sun finally came out... on the leeward side anyways, it was still wet and rainy on the windward side though. So knowing the weather, we hopped in the car and drove to Ko Olina resort to do the beach thing on one of their four man made lagoons. It was nice to have warmth... plus it helped Dad and Nance get the best souvenir ever -- a sunburn!

It was a cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny for a good part of the morning so we started out by just laying in the sand. Ash and Nana decided to cover me in it, and then Ashlyn figured why not celebrate while she's got me down.

Our little water baby kept bugging everyone to get in the water with her, but I have rule. I don't get in unless the sun is out in all it's glory. I know, I'm kind of a sissy boy. So to appease the princess, I took her for a ride on the boogie board. However, when I turned around to check her, her face was full of water and sand... whoops, must've been kickin' it up at her while running at an incredible rate of speed!!Well, in the end Ashlyn finally got her wish and I went into the water with her... I think my face tells you if it's cold or not.Dad decided to get in on the action too, and came with us on round number two. It's pretty easy to tell who's the tourist and who's the guy who lives here. They don't call me the chocolate one for nothing. Nice board shorts for Dad though huh? Soon after Ashlyn, it was time for the ladies to hit the water. The lagoons aren't the greatest place to snorkel, not a whole ton of fish, but there are some. Like this one here! A Nancy fish!
Even Dad tried snorkeling, Ko Olina is definitely a good place for beginners since you can touch the bottom, and the lagoon is quite protected... which is probably why there aren't a lot of fish, it's not easy to get in or out!Being sunny also had it's cons. We now had to build a little shelter for Jax so he wouldn't get burnt. You can't tell, but he's pretty much lying underneath a beach lounger with body boards surrounding him to give him shade. Ashlyn is a good big sister.But a water baby can only stay on dry land so long, soon she dragged her Ye-Ye off into the water again. Dad was more than willing to oblige his grand daughter. And this is what I ended up doing. It's not fake either, Nancy thought it might be when she took the picture, but then she saw the drool... haha.
You might think I'm trying to show you our lovely dinner here, but nay, check out the color on the faces of Dad and Nana. Mission accomplished!
But speaking of dinner we had a pretty good one. (A la Kevin.. here is a picture of the food) Instead of going out to eat with the kids, we figured we'd buy a lot of nice things and make food at home! And when you have Terry T. Tang at your disposal in the kitchen, that's never a bad idea! For dinner we had Basil pasta, tri-tip steak, asparagus, salmon, prawns and for dessert a chocolate haupia pie! It was delectable.

The final day is tomorrow! Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Hawaiian Adventures of Dad & Nancy - Day 9 & 10

Tuesday & Wednesday, March 10th & 11th

Hang on to your knickers... this one is going to be longer. So we went to Hilo on the Big Island to check this out!
We went for two full days and one night, and it was a jammed packed trip. We left on Tuesday morning, took the 50 min flight to Hilo and started sight seeing right away. It wasn't a pretty day, it fact it was down right pouring. Our first stop of the day was at Akaka falls. Kind of reminded me of my first childhood trip to Mt. Rushmore where it was so foggy we didn't see a thing!This is what it's supposed to look like
We only had two umbrellas with us, so whoever was holding a child got to hold it. Heather obviously got one with Jax and Dad and Nancy split on the way there and back. I just got wet. It's okay, they don't call me the MAN for nothing. Or was that, I don't call myself the MAN for nothing... oh well, that's not important.After Akaka falls we went to Rainbow falls. It was more like septic tank falls though. Still cool though.And again, this is what it's supposed to look like:
After that we saw what led up to Rainbow falls, and then went to the local grocery store to pick up some supplies. We then headed southeast to Pahoa where we stayed in a vacation rental called Hawaiian Retreat. We quickly dropped off our stuff and jumped back in the car... oh wait, here's our car! Sexy... I know.But our last stop of the day was Ahalanui Warm Springs where the water is naturally heated by the volcano. It was quite nice... Plus, Dad went swimming?! Yup, here he is.. can you tell he hasn't gotten sun yet?
Poor Ash was so tired, we put her in her car seat to head back and she was gone, cracker in hand and all.

When we got back to our place we whipped up a hearty meal of Kalbi, veggies and pan fried potatoes. It hit the spot.Here's where we stayed, it was really nice, and not much more expensive than a hotel room would've cost. But instead of a room, we had almost 1700 square feet to hang out in. It's just too bad we all crashed really early.
After a good night's sleep, we got up relatively early, made breakfast, did a little lounging, but decided to get out early so we could spend the day at Volcanoes National Park. Oh, but have you ever seen a shower set up like this? No need for a fan I guess... hopefully there weren't any "fans" either!

Oh yeah, and have you ever seen chickens in the trees? Well, they were at the Hawaiian Retreat... I even found a rooster in the van after I left the door open while loading!So off we went again, but first a quick stop at the Lava Tree State Park. Trees here are covered in Lava, and it's kinda cool I guess.But finally, we made it the place where we had planned for a couple months. You can't really tell, but that's a lot of sulphur dioxide being spewed out of Kilauea behind us. You couldn't go any closer though, for safety reasons. In fact Rangers told us people used to pass out from being too close, so finally they just closed the roads. Silly tourists.
It's kind of one of those trips that you can't really show in pictures or blog posts, you kind of just have to go. But we had a lot of fun, Ashlyn kept us entertained.Since the road around Kilauea was closed, we had more time on our hands than we thought, so we hiked through Thurston Lava Tube. It's a tunnel like path where the lava used to flow through. Hmmm.. didn't import a picture, guess Nancy will do that :) but here's us on the trail! (Couldn't of been that hard if we're wearing slippers/flip flops though!)
We drove down the entire chain of craters road and at the end saw the Holei Sea Arch.However, time was going fast and we still needed to make one last stop, to see the Lava enter the ocean. It wasn't as cool as we thought it was going to be, but it was still fun.We had to hike over lava rocks, and Ashlyn was on my back while Heather toughed it out with the chubby guy. You can see pretty clearly where the lava is hitting the water.We couldn't get as close as we wanted, but the real show began when the sun started to set.

However, because we had to catch our flight back to Honolulu, we couldn't stay as late as we wanted! But it was still a sight worth seeing, it's just too bad we couldn't get closer! But before we knew it, it was time to fly back to Oahu. It was a memorable trip though. I'm sure NANCY is planning to update her blog soon with more too.... :)