Thursday, July 08, 2010


Here is a recap of what fun June brought us....

I actually got Ashlyn to wear the dress we bought in China, and if I may say so, I think she looks super cute. She just needed to be putting up peace signs instead of the one finger to really get the look right...
Bubbles! We bought these bubble guns in China, too! The kiddos LOVE them! And they actually work! Bonus!
Scrub-a-dub-dub. There were some cave-man drawings in the hallway by the kid's room so I put them to work cleaning them off. A couple of magic erasers and a spray bottle of water did the trick quite nicely. They even cleaned a few of the door jams!
POOL TIME!! Ashlyn was finally brave enough to go down the water slide all by herself (with the floaty ring). Fun times at Grandma's!
Ryan. Amber. Staci. Tami. Kira
SHOOTS! We took Mike's shotgun out for a spin. I hadn't been shooting for a couple years. I forgot how fun it was! Here is Amber. You can see the little orange clay pigeon in the distance.
Jason. Mike. Spencer running away.
YUM! We went blueberry picking. We took Jet along with us. The kids had so much fun filling up their baskets!
Amber and her gang were there too. And some random kid who thought our group was fun.
Spencer. Trevor. Staci. Jason. Ashlyn. Jet. Brooklyn. Brinley. Allie. Amber. Heather. Jaxon. Kid in Red
Happy Father's Day! A few days before Father's day we were in Cost Plus, and we entered a drawing. They took Jason's picture with Ash and Jax, and put in on display with the other dads. the day before Father's day we got a phone call that Jason won a basket full of goodies!
On June 25, Jason turned 30! Look at all those candles! We had a little party, and even Nancy and Adam came to help celebrate! (oh, and to plan their wedding, too)
BEACH! After Nancy and Adam left, Andrew and Liew came to visit. We went to the beach on of the days and the kids had so much fun digging in the sand...and the dad's did too! But I think Jaxon had the most fun watching the sea gulls. This is right before he took off after one.
And a trip to Balboa is not complete without riding a ride in the "fun zone". Those kids sure love carousels!
And that's it! Phew! I feel like we are almost caught up. Good thing we aren't too far into July yet!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

CHINA! Days 4 - 12

Alright. This travelogue was taking WAY too long. So, here is the rest of the picture per day...

Day 4: We met up with Jason's aunts and uncles and went to the Hong Kong temple. After the session and lunch we headed up to see yeye's (Jason's Dad's Dad) grave.

Heather. Annie. Nancy. Auntie Fanny. Auntie Grace. Uncle Tony. Dad T. Jason. Clarence.

Day 5: We took a ferry to Cheug Chau Island. Dad T used to work at his dad's jok shop here. It was a super cute little island to hike around. Probably my favorite place in Hong Kong. Here are some of the dragon boats.

Day 6: We bussed to the Shenzhen airport and flew to Xi'an. We stayed at the Shuyuan Hostel. It was super cute. Highly recommend it. Here is the wall all lit up. So pretty!

Day 7: We took a bus to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. This is one of the pits. You can see how massive this room was! All those little soldiers are life-size, to give you some perspective. If you ever get a chance to see them, take it.

Day 8: We rode bikes all the way around the Xi'an city wall. That was pretty stinkin' fun, too, although it gave us some sore booties. I think it was about an 8 1/2 mile ride.

Day 9: We took a sleeper train to Beijing! We started off the day at the silk market. Great place to do some souvenir shopping. Then we went to the Temple of Heaven. I guess the emperors would come here to pray for good harvest. This is what's pictured. Then we went to see a Chinese acrobat show. Also a must-see.

Day 10: Tienanmen Square and the forbidden city. We also ate some nasties at the wangfujing market that night, but you'll have to check out Annette Bailey Tang's facebook pictures to see all the disgusting things you can buy.

Day 11: Last day! We went to the Great Wall. If you zoom in on this picture you can find Dad T, Nancy, Annie, and Jason. 10 points if you can spot them! This was definitely the highlight of the trip. It is so amazing to see how long the wall is. It seriously seems to go on forever.

Day 12: We flew back to the good ol' USA!