Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Do I Look Like?

Me at 9 Weeks

a) b)

Recently there has been a "minor" debate about who I really look like. Many people say I am a spitting image of my daddy. A lot of other people say they can see a lot of mommy in me as well. My MaMa (Grandma Tang) says I don't really resemble her at all, she said she had a big head when she was small. These pictures were taken when (a) MaMa was 6 mos, (b)Daddy was 6 mos, and (c)Mommy was 3 mos. So I'm bringing this to the court of public opinion to decide who I resemble most. Please feel to leave your vote in the comments. One thing I did notice with the 4 of us is that we're all pretty stinkin' cute. But just remember this, who's on top with the biggest picture? Oh yeah!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We Were Born to Rock the 80's!!

Nick Austin, the Sports Director at KJCT, threw an 80's party the first Saturday of December and all I can say is we look good. Nick's rocking out the Motley Crue shirt while I got the Ramones on. It was a good time. Heather and Ashlyn couldn't come though because Ashlyn was a little sick, so Heather told me to go without her. We wanted to dress up Ashlyn up as a KISS doll, that would have been scary though. What you can't see in this picture though is our sweet tight rolled jeans. Party On!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ashlyn's Baby Blessing & Thanksgiving

Check Out My Dress! Mommy was blessed in it 22 years ago!

On Wednesday November 22nd, 2006 mom and dad took me to Park City, Utah so that I could get a name and a blessing. It was the first time I got to meet most of my aunts and uncles on the Horspool side too. It was a great time! First off, that afternoon we had a little birthday party for my little cousin Kira who turned 4, and then in the evening I was the center of attention! About 40-50 people came to a condo that Grandpa owns, and we had Bishop Rich (one of Jason's friend's dad) there to preside over it. Dad got a little emotional, during the blessing, what a wimpo but it was good nonetheless. I think mom got a little nervous when dad said that I would be the first of "many" children to come. Only time will tell what that was all about! I was well behaved the whole time, and just looked at daddy without making a sound. Good for me! I get to wear the dress again when I get pictures taken this week! Yay!!!
My pre-Thanksgiving dinner mishap:

For some reason I have a hard time keeping my milk down, I might be eating it too fast, or gulping too much air. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but mom and dad are sure getting sick of it. The day before Thanksgiving I feasted too much, and here are the results for you to see. Daddy caught it all on tape, because prior to the unfortunate event, all my little cousins were givine me sweet little kisses. Enjoy! HAHA!

As you can see here, it's not the first time I've done this. This happened at the Knoebel's and it got all over mom, even down here back. I also projected my spit up far enough to mess up Nate and Mandy's couches and throw pillows! Good thing it was an easy clean up with no stains!

Uncle Mike pukes easy too:

During the time in Park City, my uncle Bryan wanted to make impressions of people's teeth so he could practice making bleaching trays. Everyone seemed to handle it pretty good, except for my uncle Mike. He gags easy, we're just lucky he didn't spit up like I do all the time!!


* For your viewing pleasures, there is a new album posted on our imagestation account. Just follow the "Our Friends and Family" link!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

And The Winner Is....

JASON MARSHALL TANG!! It's just too bad Dad can only say that once though. However, mom and I are still proud of him. Earlier this year he was selected as the national winner for television sports reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists. He also picked up a silver UBEE award from the Utah Broadcasters Association for sports reporting, and a couple 3rd place awards from the Broadcast Education Association for sports reporting and for sports anchoring. Unfortunately he didn't win the competition that would have given him a cash prize and some editing software, but the one's he won will be more valuable for his resume. And though I will always have a special place in my heart for Grand Junction since it's my birth place, we definitely need his resume to be good so we can move on and move up! Congratulations to dad though, and hopefully this won't be the first and last awards he receives!!!

* More pictures to come after Turkey Day!! Hooray Turkey!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

KJCT Promo

Here's a little video clip that airs in Grand Junction, it's promoting our sports coverage. Yeehaw!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trunk or Treat!!!

For my first Halloween, mom and dad dressed me up as a bunny rabbit/cat looking creature. My nose is colored with Crayola washable paint, and the whiskers are washable markers. I didn't really like having it put on me, especially because mom and dad had to put the whiskers on 3 times! Dad used paint at first, but it looked like poop smeared across my face, and then mom kept messing up with the marker. I guess me moving around didn't help very much either. After they finally got me dressed we went to the ward Trunk or Treat party. Mom and Dad were pretty lame, they didn't even bother dressing up. Dad kept trying to use this silly excuse that he was dressed up like the famous TV personality Jason Tang. Famous? Ha! What a weirdo. Mom at least wore an orange shirt and black sweater over top. Dad just wore his KJCT shirt. When we got to the meeting house, I pretty much went right to sleep. Mommies and Grandmas kept cooing at me and told me how cute I am. I do take after my daddy though, what can I say? There was a chili cookoff put on by the Elders Quorum and a bunch of activities for the older kids. I just slept until it was time to go Trunk or Treating. Mom and dad didn't really take me around very much, they just kept handing me off to members of the ward. Dad got some Kit-Kats, but I'm pretty sure he pocketed them for himself though. What a bum. He'll have junk in his trunk, and I'll just be the treat for everyone else. It was an exciting day though, and I loved being in my little rabbit clothes, it's just too bad it's too big for me right now.

(Oh, and FYI, there are a handful of new pictures of me in the "Our Family and Friends Album." Dad just put them all in the October Album, he'll make a new one in November I guess)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Our Lives Have Officially Changed (Watch the Video)

Grand Junction, Colo (TANG NEWS) -- Legendary Grand Junction sportscaster Jason Tang and his wife Heather welcomed a new bundle of joy to the world on Wednesday Sept.27th, 2006. After 24 hours of labor the little 6lb 6 oz girl decided it was time to come out.
"It was the hardest, most painful thing I have ever done," said the new mother. "That is until they gave me my epidural, then it was a cake walk."
The couple, along with Tang's mother-in-law, Kathleen Horspool of Yucaipa, California entered the hospital on Tuesday the 26th fully expecting to have the baby within the next 12 hours.
"Even the doctors said he was sure that the baby would come out by 8pm that night," said Horspool. "Man, was he wrong."
After placing a cytotec tablet on Mrs. Tang's cervix in order to soften it and induce contractions, things just seemed to be flowing smoothly for the soon-to-be-family. In fact, 4 hours later Mrs. Tang was given assurance that dialation had begun.
"One of the resident doctors told me that I was dialated 5 centimetres," said Mrs. Tang. "I couldn't believe it, neither could anyone else, I pretty much felt no pain."
"We all had our hopes up, we thought this baby was going to be here before 8pm," said Tang.
However, the good news soon turned upside down. On suspicions that the resident doctor was too young and inexperienced, the nurses came in to give Mrs. Tang a second opinion. Soon after, the nurse delivered the bad news to the trio in the delivery room.
"It broke our spirits to be honest," said Horspool. "I was very disappointed in the doctor who told us the inaccurate progress, but most of all, I felt bad for my daughter. She thought she was at a 5, but really she was only dialated to 1 cm."
Since so many hours had passed and Mrs. Tang had only dialated the one centimetre, her doctor prescribed another cytotec to be administered. But not even that helped out much. Before they knew it, the trio had spent over 12 hours at the hospital, and not much progress had been made.
"I should've just went to work," said Tang, who always seems to think about money or the lack thereof. "But I knew I needed to be there for my wife."
As the clock struck 11 that Tuesday evening, Horspool decided to head back to the apartment to get some sleep since the baby most likely wouldn't be coming till the next day. Meanwhile, Tang and his wife slept in the labor and delivery room.
"I guess you could call it sleep, but there really wasn't much to be had, especially because labor pains really started to kick in for Heather at about midnight," Tang recalls. "They couldn't give her any pain medicine so she got to sit in the jacuzzi which helped relax her. I was even tempted to get in too!"
But he didn't, and the labor pains continued into the early morning. Finally at about 3am, Mrs. Tang dialated to 3 centimetres, and the anesthesiologist quickly came in to give her the epidural.
"The feeling of that needle in my back was like tasting the best chocolate cake ever," said Mrs. Tang. "I definitely knew from the beginning I wanted the drugs, and I was so glad when they finally gave it to me."
After receiving the epidural, progress really began. At approximately 5am, Mrs. Tang's water broke naturally, and the doctors and nurses began to prepare the room for the new life which was about to be delivered. By 7:30 that Wednesday morning, almost 12 hours after the doctor's first estimation of when the baby would be born, Mrs. Tang was pushing with all her might.
"I didn't feel much pain during the pushing, but I was sure tired and almost fell asleep when I was supposed to be pushing!" said Mrs. Tang.
One hour later, the baby was born. The exact time of birth was 8:38 in the morning.
"When I saw her head pop out, I almost passed out she looked so gross," recalls Tang with a laugh. "She didn't look like a new born, more like a smurf covered in cottage cheese. They asked me if I wanted to cut the cord, and I politely declined. Mom Horspool did it for me."
After the nurses cleaned the baby up, the new father quickly fell in love with his daughter. And the new parents brought her home the next day. The Tang's named their baby girl Ashlyn May.
"Being a dad is the best thing I have ever experienced," said Tang. "I'm really tired these days, but it's all worth it. I don't even want to go to work anymore, I'd rather stay and play."
"I always thought it would be strange being the mother of a half-asian baby, but it's really not," said Mrs. Tang with a huge smile while gently elbowing her husband. "She's the most precious thing ever. She's only 2 weeks old now, but I already feel like she's growing up too fast."
*Editors note* Some or all of the quotes in this story have been paraphrased or completely made up. While the events and the people in the story are real, the strictest of journalistic policies have NOT been followed.