Friday, May 22, 2009

Beef... it's NOT what's for dinner

Nasty Picture Below!!!!
Okay, so you can probably see it despite my warning. Oh well.
A couple days ago while changing Jax's diaper Heather told me to come over and look at it. Of course I hesitated, but like the obedient husband I am I came over.  Well, here's what I saw.  Paper in our boy's poop.  Of course that only means one thing, he was grinding on something he shouldn't be.  We didn't really want to pick through it to find out what it was, but by evening Heather figured it out.  Ashlyn had gotten into some business cards I have and left them out.  And of course since Jax is mobile now, he saw the opportunity and took it. 
(You took it, and broke a major rule of engagement..what movie?) 
Well, as it turns out, he ate half of KHNL's assistant News Director Rich Meiers business card.  You can see the "Mei" and part of his phone # in the fecal matter. Yummy.

But here's something to warm your heart and unturn your stomachs, look how cute our kids are!
 (And compare this first pic to the one on our sidebar! Yoiks! Jax has grown!)

Boom Boom Pow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Six Months

Holy cow! How could my baby boy be 6 months old already?!? Here are the current stats as of Monday, May 11.
Height: 25.5 inches (25-50%)

Weight 18 lbs. 11 oz. (75-90%)

Short and fat...just the way we like 'em
Here is the most recent picture we have. Our "waterproof" camera decided it didn't want to be waterproof anymore...on the day its warranty expired. Arrrghhh!!! It is currently receiving medical attention and will hopefully come home soon. Hopefully Olympus will be nice and repair it as if it was still under warranty. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A few of our favorite things

I'll tell you why we love visitors coming to see us, besides the obvious fact of seeing our friends and family. For one, it gets us out of the house, and two, it helps us realize how nice it is to live in the Islands.
Seriously, living here is not like vacationing here. But when people come it flips a vacation mode on for us, and we appreciate our surroundings more. This month our visitors were Mark and Moe Williams. I'm sure Moe will post something when she settles back home. They stayed with us for three days and two nights, but we only got one full day with them. They were on Maui for most of their vacation. But when they asked us to take them to do our favorite things, it was easy. Lanikai Beach and Castle Beach.
Ashlyn never hesitates to accessorize for beach days.

Kind of looks like Heather left Ash in the middle of the ocean here, but they were pretty close to the shore at Lanikai, and Ashlyn loves her freedom with the water wings.
Lanikai is great because of it's beauty and warm waters, but for a little fun we headed north to Castle beach to do some body boarding. Funnily, after all our trips to the beach, both in California and Hawaii, I think this is the first time I've seen Heather on a board. She crashed into me, as you can see.
It was Mark and Melissa's first time, but they picked it up pretty good.
Plus Heather showcased her new found talent, wave photography. Looks like a huge wave huh? It's actually only about a four foot face though.
Here's a nice little curl, not bad for her first time shooting in the waves.She even got pummeled a few times, but what good ocean photographer doesn't?!
I tried to get a nice little shot here, but Ashlyn's desire to get in the water trumped her desire to please her parents for a picture.
But she still came through for me. My sweet girl.

And boy!