Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yellow Tang

This is a Yellow Tang:

This is OUR Yellow Tang:

Earlier this month he decided he has no fear of water, and to our surprise, he even knows how to hold his breath. This is his first day of "swimming" by himself.

Suffice it to say we watch him like a hawk by the pool. We also hope Ashlyn is watching too, because she is still terrified of learning how to swim. As for Jax, he's getting better every time we get in the spa. His favorite is jumping off the ledge and kicking and paddling towards Mom or Dad. Stay tuned for a post about our San Diego trip with the Winkleman's!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Oh man have we been SLACKERS!! Once again I am doing a catch-up post for an entire month. Whoops. So, here is a quick synopsis of our February happenings...


Kids busy tearing apart the house, dumping out drawers and emptying the contents of the pantry. At least they stacked it nicely on the table!

Happy Birthday Mom!!


Park day

Valentine's Day. Jason surprised me with a "getaway" in the back house. It's tradition to eat pizza and rent a movie, but this was the first time we ate our pizza on fine china!


Disneyland with the Miyahana's. They came out from Hawaii and we could not pass up on the chance to play with them. We closed down the park. What a fun day!

And last but not least, Ashlyn's new favorite activity...playing Uncle Tay's Wii. She's getting pretty good!