Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh baby baby...

Now that our newest addition is nearly 3 weeks old, I guess it's time to update this thing again.  

On September 9, I went in for my 39 week check-up.  I was really hoping that this baby's birthday would be 9-10-11.  So we do the routine, do some membrane sweepage, told I'm dilated 1 cm, get an ultrasound to make sure my boy is big enough (this happens every pregnancy.  Jason and I are small people.  We aren't going to have monster-sized babies!), and then we walked the mall for 5 hours hoping to get things going.  Nothing.

Friday, September 16.  One day passed my due date.  Still pregnant.  Another check-up.  Do the normal routine, some more sweepage, told I'm now 3 cm.  Schedule an induction for Monday morning at 5 am.  Bummed it's not going to happen on the weekend, but glad the end is in sight.

Monday, September 19.  Call the hospital at 3:30am, told there is no room for me and they will call me when there is.  We waited until 8 am, and decided to head down there to see if it would speed up the process if we were close by (the hospital is an hour away).  Our proximity did not help.  We did get to spend the day with some friends, so the day was not a total waste.

Tuesday and Wednesday.  Still waiting for the hospital to call.  Although we still called every few hours to see what our chances were.  I think the staff was pretty tired of us.  Finally on Wednesday afternoon that blessed phone call arrived.  "be here at 7:30".  Yay! I was starting to  think it was never going to happen.  I'm pretty sure my body doesn't know how to go into labor on its own.  Besides, I really didn't want to make that drive in full-blown labor anyway.  

We get to the hospital and the nurse took us right to our room.  We were all checked in and the pitocin was hooked up by 9:30.  I started having some mild contractions, and so we just hung out and watched some "Restaurant Impossible" and "Property Brothers" for the next few hours.  Around 2:30 am, the anesthesiologist was out of surgery, so they offered the epidural.  I still wasn't in much pain, but I didn't want to be, so I gladly accepted.  Everything was in and working a little after 3, and I was still dilated only 3cm, so I went to sleep.  About 6:30 my nurse came in to see if I was feeling any pressure "down there" because the baby was acting like something was going on.  I was, sort of, so she checked.  He was right there!  The doctor came in a few minutes later, got all set up, and this kid was out within 10 minutes.  A vacuum was used though because his heart rate was dropping and staying low, so she had  to get him out fast.  His cord was wrapped super tight around his little neck, so Jason was off cord-cutting duty (much to his relief.  He hasn't cut any.  Too squeamish).  

We just got to the hospital.  This is the one and only belly shot taken this whole pregnancy.  Yep.  Looks ready to pop. 40 weeks, 6 days.

Here he is!
Tyson Marshall Tang
6 pounds 12 ounces
19 1/2 inches
September 22, 2011
6:54 am

Tyson and Daddy

Family photo.  I still can't believe we have 3!

Big sister.  She can't get enough!

Proud big brother.

We sure love this sweet little guy!

Thursday, June 09, 2011


So, for those of you that don't know, or who don't look at all of Jason's facebook status updates, we are in fact having another boy. Jason "put the stem on the apple", as he puts it, for a second time. We found out the end of April, and have just been major blog slackers. I like this picture because he has his feet up and his arms behind his head real chill like. Hopefully that means he will be calm (yeah right!) Now we just have to solidify the manly man's name!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wish Granted

Ever since Jax was born, Heather and I made a pact that she would make the decisions for Ashlyn's hair and I would make the decisions for Jaxon's hair. I think she regretted that when I began refusing to cut his hair. However, today Heather got her wish, but she can thank Jax for it. He finally told me multiple times he wanted his hair cut, so I finally gave in.

Ash and Jax right after church and eating a ring pop for lunch?
(Heather's doing, not mine...)
After dinner it was to the powder room to start snipping
Jax was actually saying he didn't want his picture taken after the hair cut, but as it turns out he looks like he's posing... what a poser... haha!
He likes his new doo!... so does Ash and of course Mom!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stair Jumping and Moto-Jax

While looking through some older photos, I saw these ones we never posted so in an effort to rekindle our blogging spirit, here they are. They're from December 2010, but our kids love jumping, and especially off the stairs onto pillows. I thought these were pretty funny shots, so here you go! The video is more recent, it's Jax riding his trike with a helmet he found in a closet from who knows when! Silly kiddos...

Monday, March 07, 2011


I contracted a parasite sometime in the last few months that has made me nauseous, tired, fatigued, and tired. However, this is one little bug we can't wait to kiss and cuddle come September!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

A real Chinese boy!!!

Let me take you back in time for a moment. It was June of 2002. Heather and I were at P.F. Chang's in Orem, Utah on our 2nd date ever. Heather, in years past, had tried to use chopsticks to eat but was never successful. Enter Jason Tang. I showed her the right way to use them, and that evening she had what she calls, "the most successful chopstick attempt" of her short 18 years. (YIKES! She was young!!!) Heather ate an entire meal for the first time with chopsticks! No fork necessary! That summer, after returning home to Yucaipa, she told her family that "A real Chinese boy" taught her how to use chopsticks....

Now fast forward 8 1/2 years and check out the up-and-coming "real Chinese boy":

Watch out ladies...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Me get it out!

This morning my sweet little boy came into my room saying that his nose hurt. He sneezed a few times, so I told him to go get a tissue and I would help him blow his nose. He came back a few seconds later and our conversation went like this:

Jax - "Me get it out"
Me - "Oh, did you get your booger?"
Jax - "No. No booger. Geen ting"
Me - "huh?"

Then he showed me. It was a little green foam sticker. Yikes! I just hope he doesn't make a habit of sticking things up his nose!