Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Do What I Want When I want!

Yo! Whassup ya'll? Some ya'll may know me by Baby Ashlyn, but on the streets of Junction... my name is Ashlizzle. One thing ya'll should know, I do what I want when I want. Got it? For example, just the other day while dad was giving me a bath I gave him a little taste of reality. He was trying to scrub here and there and I didn't like it, so I let him know. Pooh-Pooh in the tub for him care of me. AHAHAHAHA! I'm awesome. Dad laughed, but he was squirming inside, he had to yell for mom to come save him and clean up what I left for him. What a baby. I'll get him again soon... just you wait.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Moab: Twice in 3 Weeks!

Heather had never been to Moab in all those years at BYU, so we decided it was time to go. Our first trip was June 22nd and 23rd with the Nate and Mandy Knoebel family. We had been planning to go since April but never had a chance because of scheduling. Mandy had never been to see the arches either. You can read Mandy's entry on their blog. It was quite a fun trip. They stole most of my pictures too.. so you can see those there too! (haha! Sorry guys...) You can also see the first trip pictures on our photo album link to the right, or click this.

Well as if once wasn't enough, when mom and dad Tang came out to visit with baby Nancy (who's almost 25 but still a baby) we had to go again. Nancy had never seen the arches, and mom and dad never hiked to delicate arch. Unlike the first time, we made it a point to start the 3 mile hike before 1pm. We got there at 9 in the morning and it was much more pleasant. However, since it wasn't as hot as the first time, we did many more hikes as well. You can also see those pictures on our photo link to the right or click here.
One of the fun parts of the trip was also meeting up with the Horspool's in Moab. They were headed back to Yucaipa with Emilee and Alix after visiting Paul and Natalie in Kansas City. We had lunch at Hogi Yogi since nobody wanted anything hot or heavy. We all ate ice cream, sandwiches and salads. Here's a funny video from our time spent at the Hogi Yogi. Needless to say we had a good time with both families. It was also the first time the Tang parents had met up with their in-laws after their childrens marriages. So that was kind of fun for them. Here's the video:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ashlyn Crawling... Kind Of...

Not only is Ashlyn's head rather big compared to the rest of her body, (what a cute tooshie!) her head is in the 50th percentile while her body's not even on the charts, but she's also developed a cute rather akward crawl. Reminds me of a dog who got one leg run over by a car. But here's how she gets around:

Well, however silly it may look, her new found mobility's made our lives a little more hectic. She used to sit so nicely anywhere we placed her, but those days are long gone. Oh well, it's fun to see her progress nonetheless!!