Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time MARCHes on

Another month has come and gone. SO, here is another picture-packed post to catch up on all the latest and greatest.....

Building blanket forts with Daddy. I can't remember where I was, but when I got home Jason had built this awesome fort with the kiddos. They were all in there, armed with flashlights and everything.

Visiting new babies. Matt and Melissa McIntosh welcomed little Elliot into the world. She is such a little sweetie and it was so fun to see her on her birthday! Ashlyn still tells us how much she loves her.

San Diego sight seeing. We spent the weekend with Kim and Dane Winkelman and their kidlets down south. We started off with the San Diego Zoo. Jaxon loved playing with this green mamba.
Ashlyn and Jet were inseparable. They had so much fun running all over together.

Ash loved jumping from one platform to another. That girl has no fear when it comes to jumping off things. She stuck the landing every time, too. We have got to get her in gymnastics!

Baby elephant riding. Loved this part of the zoo!

We stayed the night at Dane's parents' condo in La Jolla. This also where Jason and I spent our honeymoon. It is such a beautiful place! Ashlyn loved the "noculars" and trying to spot wildlife. That morning I watched a pod of dolphins from the window. They were hunting. It was amazing! There were tons of them just swimming and jumping in circles corralling fish. Then all of the sudden hundreds of birds came to get in on the action. It was like something from the discovery channel!

A short walk from the condo there are all these seals. It was pupping season, and some of the babies still had their umbilical cords. They were so cute!


I just loved this picture of Jet. He's always chasing after something...whether it's Ashlyn or a bird!

Ashlyn is easier to catch though. So, Jet had been trying to hold Ashlyn's hand the whole trip, but in true girlie fashion, she was playing hard to get. On this walk, Jet was just kind if wandering around, seeing what there was to see, and not paying tons of attention to Ashlyn like he usually does. I guess she was missing his affection, so she says "Hey Jet! I thought you wanted to hold my hand!" That boy's face just lit up. He grabbed on so fast! They here laughing and giggling and just being so cute! But then they tripped and the fun was over.

We went to this look-out point (the name escapes me) with an incredible view. I just love how much the San Diego temple sticks out!

After that we went to Ikea, and then home. Thanks for the good times, guys!

Primary Activity-ing. It was Ashlyn's very first primary activity! Jason took her. I don't know how much she liked it, but she did win the candy jar for guessing the closest!

Turtle time! We went to LA to take my mom and niece to the airport, and then spent the rest of the day in Chinatown. While there, we stumbled upon these two little cuties. I just had to take them home. Now every morning, the first thing Jax wants to do is say "hi" to the turtles. It is so funny how excited he gets to see them every day!

Beach Going. Mike and Jason had to go to some meeting in Orange County, so Amber and I decided we wanted to make a day of it. We went down to Balboa, and it was a GORGEOUS day! I had packed all sorts of warm clothes, and as soon as we got there I was wishing we had brought our swimming suits! It was a perfect day...even with the Ruby's debacle.

More beach! Anthony and Valerie Huynh came in from Arizona to take their little guy to Disneyland for his birthday. We met up with them and had a bon-fire at Huntington. It was fun to see them and catch up.

Ashlyn and Tate hit it off, too. Maybe a little too much. At the end of the night Tate pinned her against the wall and planted a big kiss. I think she liked it though, because when we were leaving she asked if she could spend the night. Yikes! Gotta watch her like a hawk when she gets older!

Mmmmm. S'mores face.

I think Ashlyn misses going to the beach so often. That night she asked if we could stay there forever. I wish!
Ice-Cream walking. Tami and I decided to go on a 3 mile walk with our kids. It just happened to be that Rite-Aid round trip is 3 miles. We rewarded ourselves for a job well done with some delicious thrifty's ice-cream. I got root-beer float flavor and it was delectable! I think this needs to become a weekly tradition....well at least monthly!
Andrew and Josh

Kira, Caitlyn, and Ashlyn. I guess I uploaded the wrong picture. There was one with Ryan, too. Maybe I'll go back and fix it...when the computer with the pictures is free

Jax - eating Ashlyn's cone.