Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

After 3 years of having children, I still haven't gotten used to the fact that every Christmas and Easter the kids get new Sunday clothes. (And they still get new clothes whenever a big sale is on anyways!!!)
However, they always look so adorable. In fact, this "tradition" is so important to Heather that she spent a whole month looking for Ashlyn's ensemble! And you can't see it, but Jax also got new pinstripe pants and new Sunday shoes. Now bring on Santa!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Instead of giving each event the attention and time it deserves, and never catching up, I decided to just lump it all into one.

Nov. 4: Jaxon turned one. I was a horrible mother and didn't take a single picture of him on his actual birthday...but I did get some of his party!

Nov 6: California adventure with Brooke and Tami...and we left the kids with Grandma! So fun!

Nov. 15: Jaxon's "PuPu" Birthday Party. Lots of food, friends, family, and fun.

Nov 16 - 25: We embark on our first road trip of our kids lives. We drove up to Utah for my old roomie's wedding. It was so good to see so many old friends! But oh how I loathed that drive. I think the kids were pretty tired of the car by the end of it too. And poor Ashlyn was so confused about where "home" is.

Nov. 26: Thanksgiving. We went over to David and Mary Ellen's (My aunt and uncle) house for a fantastic dinner and a night of games and hayrides. And Nancy came too! Nov. 28: We took Nancy down to Huntington just for fun. And on the way home we stopped by The Gingerbread Shop at the Mission Inn for the world's best hot chocolate.

Nov. 30: We spent the day in LA. It was such a beautiful day. We first went to Hollywood so Nancy could see the "Stars", and then we headed over to the temple. The sky could not have been any bluer. After that we went to Santa Monica and took Nancy on her first Ferris wheel ride! When we were done, it was time to take Nancy to the airport. Talk about an action-packed day!

And there you have it. November in a nutshell.

Monday, December 07, 2009

New Bike!!

After months of riding bikes in Wal-Mart, we told Ashlyn that after we moved we would buy her a bike. And, like the good parents we are, we followed through on that promise just days after we arrived in California. She was SO excited. And she looks super cute in her little Dora helmet and elbow pads!

In the morning we took her to the park to practice her skills. She is getting pretty good!

We took a little break to enjoy the swings, since we were there and all...

Even Jason got in the "swing" of it. Get it? Haha! I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Halloween started off with a trip to the pumpkin patch. Ashlyn was finally brave enough to feed the goats all by herself. All the "Yucaipa Cousins" joined in the festivities. It is so much fun to finally be around for this stuff!
Then we went back to the house and carved our over-priced pumpkins. (At least ours was...)Tang style. Ashlyn colored on it and then Jason carved what he wanted. I believe this is the Chinese character for the Tang name, but I think it looks like a crazy cool face.Our little teddy bear. Jax didn't have a costume until right before trick-or-treat time. Thanks Amber for coming to the rescue!The whole gangTami, Amber, and me. The "rat pack". That is some extra-large hair. After we had gone down and half way back up the street, Jaxon was still like this...
While Ashlyn was like this. We had a cute little cheerleader costume for her, but in true Ashlyn fashion she refused to wear it. So, Amber saved the day again by providing this cute little Monkey with a costume she would allow us to put on her.
Since we finished with the trick-or-treating so early, we decided to decorate some ghoulish cupcakes. Idea courtesy of M&M McIntosh.
Here are Ashlyn and my finished products. The computer was being ridiculous so I gave up trying to upload the rest of the cupcake pictures. Either that or I just didn't want to be put to shame by everyone else's awesomeness. You be the judge...


I know, I know, this is way past due, so, hopefully there will be a plethora of blog posts in the next few days to catch us up before Christmas!
The day before Halloween we went to Disneyland and took my mom and Caitlyn (my niece) with us. We had a blast! I was lovin' all the Halloween decor. So cute!
Gotta love the Dumbo ride!Ashlyn's fav: The "Merry-Go-Circle"
Jax loved Finding Nemo with Grandma on the sub rideCaitlyn and Ash were best buds for the day. They went on all the rides together, except when I bribed Ashlyn with candy if she would ride one with me! It was so nice to have Caitlyn there to help out though!It was Mike's birthday, so he and Amber and kids came down to join us for a few hours. Amber even brought us a yummy dinner, complete with caramel apples and cupcakes!Sweet little babies. Jaxon and Brooklyn
For your viewing pleasure: The tea cups.