Friday, October 16, 2009


On September 27, Ashlyn graduated from the "terrible twos". It was a glorious occasion that gave us reason to celebrate for 3 days! The Friday before, we started off the festivities with an all day bake-a-thon. Cake-pops, cupcakes, and brownies were on the list. Ashlyn is my #1 helper.

When all the baking was done, we headed to Chuck E Cheese's with the Hong and Abelmann families. The only other time we had gone there was when Ashlyn was just a little older than Jaxon is now. It was much more fun for all this time around.

On Saturday, we had the big birthday bash. The Dalisay's were kind enough to let us use their pool and BBQ area. I am ashamed of the amount of pictures that I didn't take, but here are a few of the ones I did!

Ashlyn and her bestie Kiera

Little Isaac Barlow chowin' on some watermelon. We have the same birthday.

The best group shot taken. Gonna eat some grub

The treat table. The reason for the previous day's marathon baking.

These little guys took FOREVER, but they sure were cute...and tasty! Thanks Tami and Bakerella!

When everyone started singing to Ashlyn, she tried to crawl under the table.
Luckily she likes blowing out candles too much to hide too long!
One thing I have learned about living in Hawaii is that birthdays are a big deal. Ashlyn couldn't wait to tackle the gifts once we got home! Thanks everyone!!
I had to take a picture on her actual day of birth, and this is the best I got. I'm pretty sure she is only smiling and looking at the camera because of either a bribe or treat. She was not in a cooperative mood. Surprised? You shouldn't be!
We sure love this little girl! She brings so much silliness and spunk into our family. Ashlyn makes me laugh every single day. I am so glad we have her and I can't imagine life without her. Love you little sweetheart!!