Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Revenge of the Poopy Tub

Less than a month. That's how long it took Ashlyn to get me back for tripping out when she pooped in the tub. There were no warnings like there were last time. Back in July I could tell Ashlyn was going to poop, she was grunting and started to squat. This time, there was just poop all of a sudden, and thanks to her diet, it was soft and the water quickly broke it up. Heather knew right when I called her name what happened, and funnily enough she was on the phone with her mom at the time. Well this time I had to clean it up while Heather washed the baby. Luckily, since it was so broken up, I just sent it down the drain and disinfected everything. Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson Ashlyn (although I don't know what the lesson here is, although according to Mike it would be on taking healthy dossages of man pills, but fortunately for me I am the man and don't need that synthetic stuff like Mike and Barry Bonds). As you can tell from the picture Ashlyn was proud of her accomplishment.
Baby Tang's other accomplishment this month... Standing all by herself. (Baby Tang is her name around the KJCT station. I think most people don't even know her name there.. Thanks a lot Nick Austin.) She took a step one time, but hasn't done anything more since then. She does hold on to stuff and walk though. Here's a little video for your viewing pleasure:


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