Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer is almost here!

We can't wait till it's warm enough to swim in the pool, but for now playing in the hot tub has been pretty fun! I think Jax and Ash are pretty close to swimming by themselves!

Family underwater photo

Jax doing the ring dive

Ash swimming for the camera
(we had to bribe her with 10 jelly beans!!!)

No need to bride Jax though
Jumping off the side of the spa

Underwater angle

Jax attacks!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Ever get the urge to pee in a bush?
Go a day without brushing your teeth?
Eat only meat for dinner?
Burn everything you can find?
Well, if you don't, then you are not a man, and you would not have liked our overnight hike to Dobbs cabin in the San Bernardino mountains.
Our group consisted of: (From Left to Right)
Dane Winkelman, his son Jet, Cory Ferguson, Matt Horspool & Jason Tang
Jet is only three, but he still made the trek... of course, that's not too hard when your dad is half man, half amazing. Dane carried Jet on his shoulders for most of the way, with us giving him a break every now and then.
The hike wasn't very long, only about two miles in, but it was a very steep climb. The base of the mountain started out dry, but the higher up we got the more snow, and the more wet we got.
When we arrived at our campsite, we quickly made a fire so we could dry our all our clothes and start cookin' up our meal.
On the menu -- T-Bone steaks a la Winkelman.
What's that mean? Seasoned steaks, skewered and cooked over an open flame.
This one is a la Tang. Cooked on the hot rock. Good if you like your steak rare!
Unfortunately, steaks weren't the only things cookin'. Dane and my shoes ended up a little too well done.
The next morning we did a little fishing, and Dane was the only one that caught anything. He caught a small little trout (I think), and a little lizard that Jet loved.

Going down the mountain was pretty fun too. We did a little shoe skiing.

Looking forward to the next one!