Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wish Granted

Ever since Jax was born, Heather and I made a pact that she would make the decisions for Ashlyn's hair and I would make the decisions for Jaxon's hair. I think she regretted that when I began refusing to cut his hair. However, today Heather got her wish, but she can thank Jax for it. He finally told me multiple times he wanted his hair cut, so I finally gave in.

Ash and Jax right after church and eating a ring pop for lunch?
(Heather's doing, not mine...)
After dinner it was to the powder room to start snipping
Jax was actually saying he didn't want his picture taken after the hair cut, but as it turns out he looks like he's posing... what a poser... haha!
He likes his new doo!... so does Ash and of course Mom!


Kimberly said...

Cute little bugger! He is so cute no matter what.

horspool said...

That's one handsome little dude!!!

nana and atom said...

hahaha. i wonder where he learned to pose like that! haha, he's such a super stud!!

Tay said...

FINALLY! He looks so cute!

Amber said...

Hooray! Cute!

Jenna said...

What a stud!

Michelle said...

the short spike looks SO much better! Why would you not want to cut his hair anyway?

Kathy said...

You forgot to say that he wanted his hair cut "just like daddy's." And he looks just as cute as you now.

Kathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Floyd Brewer said...

Such a cute family and great site. I hope to have a family of my own one day.

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Will said...

Congrats on the little one on the way. You should find out what you're having anyday now. Go reverse of us and it'll be another boy!

free bird said...

cutie cutie !

Heather Young said...

So funny - I was just surfing though blogspot and came across your site. I'm Heather and my son's name is Jaxon (Jax for short). I haven't met anyone who spells it the same way as us!

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