Thursday, June 09, 2011


So, for those of you that don't know, or who don't look at all of Jason's facebook status updates, we are in fact having another boy. Jason "put the stem on the apple", as he puts it, for a second time. We found out the end of April, and have just been major blog slackers. I like this picture because he has his feet up and his arms behind his head real chill like. Hopefully that means he will be calm (yeah right!) Now we just have to solidify the manly man's name!


Jenna said...

Yeah for another little Tang man! Good luck with the name. We are still trying to agree on one over here.

Aub said...

that's a great picture! we got one of sam doing that in the ultra sound too and now we catch him sleeping like that!

The Nye Family said...

Yea!!! So excited for you guys! Your kids are so dang cute ... you should have at least 8 since they're so cute. :)

Michelle said...

Whoo hoo! Maybe you should name him Jake...Jason, Jaxon, Jake-man

hapi said...

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JLTan said...

Wow! God bless.

Phillips Family said...

Congratulations. That is very exciting!!

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